Richmond BBB - Not Knowing how to understand and handle the nature of the problems!

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Not knowing how to understand and handle the nature of the problems.

Therefore, Richmond BBB misperceived and mishandles the complaints. As a result, it does consumers injustice! The Richmond BBB could and should have understood the problem from the beginning until the end. Yet, it failed to do that and it favored unethical and reckless companies. If the Richmond BBB is valuing and honoring what it supposed to do, there is no reason for it to be existed to begin with.

That goes the same thing for all corporations, businesses, etc. that consumers are forced to file complaints to BBB about a business or company! There you have it, BBB needed to look at itself in the mirror"”meaning of the staff of BBB and for BBB to eradicate its own inability to handle and solve the problems for the welfare of consumers!

There is no reason for BBB to aggravate the tension, obstacles, and distress for the consumers.

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Richmond BBB - AVOID

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Richmond BBB - AVOID

This chapter of the BBB is quite annoying and basically flat out is horrendous on the ethics. Due to the economic conditions we decided that this was one

membership that we were not receiving much benefit from.

As soon as we withdrew our membership from the Richmond BBB - they changed our

rating from an 'A' to an 'F' then on top of that we received around a dozen telephone

solicitations that we could 'rejoin' to have our rating changed back to an 'A'.

On one of the 'telemarketing calls' we had questioned why our rating had dropped so

much and they had the audacity to blame it their 'algorithms' between "non-memebers"

and "members". We didn't buy it and thought it was a nasty sales strategy,

trash a business then you can rejoin to change it.

Any other businesses out there - I would withdrawal membership and not give another

dime to these scamsters.

The Richmond BBB is nothing but a shake down for scam to rip people off, and are nothing but turds.

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Richmond BBB Sucks

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BBB of Central Virginia I had the most horrible experience with them. They don't take anything serious and did absolutely NOTHING to help resolve our complaint we had with a company.

We had a serious complaint and basically got the 'automation' runaround - there's no human review with these people and they just let computers handle everything.

To top it off I called them to see if we could find any resoultion and the girl by the name of crystal harvey who works for them was extremly rude and unprofessional. They basically let bad companies get away with anything the feel fit.


I suggest if you own a business stay away from the Richmond BBB.

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